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Active GIF Creator 3.3

Active GIF Creator can create stunning animated images and moving banners
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You can create stunning animated images in few minutes using the Active GIF Creator. The program uses a very simple method for creating animations. You just have to create a sequence of images and this program will show the sequence as a video. It works just like a flipbook. The quality of the animation depends upon the positioning of images or frames taking place in the animation.

The program allows you to import GIF files from any place of your hard drive to create the animation or you can use the built-in image editor to start with your frames. The editor gives you some basic shapes, brushes and colors for editing so I think, using a third party image editor like Adobe Photoshop will be a good idea. The program gives you complete control over your animation. You can adjust delay between each frame of the animation, sort the frames and edit them side by side. Fading transitions and some special effects like blur, spray and wave can put realistic motion in your animation. The program can also export the animation to an AVI video file for further use.

The simplicity is the most attractive feature of this program. Anyone who can work with Microsoft Paint (the default image editor in Windows) can create wonderful animations using this program. You also get a “web site button designer” utility with this tool that makes it is a must have program for web masters.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use.
  • Built-in image editor.
  • Built-in website button designer


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